Sitemap - 2021 - Womaning in India

Subtle Sexism, and other lessons we teach our kids

Podcast: Girls' trips through a man's eyes

Happy Birthday, Womaning! 🎂

Hello ji: Womaning Talks #1

Happy Men's Day (Part Two)

Happy Men's Day (Part One)

Lamps, lights, and limitless labour

Why women over-apologize and men under-apologize

Attention: Womaning Community

A day to remember, a day to heal

The best-kept secret of ‘nice neighbourhoods’

Divorcing in India

The Great Indian Dhakosla

Abortions in India: A progressive law, a petrifying reality

It's official. India's gender gap is growing.

Idolizing women's sacrifices is a subtle form of abuse

Urban Slap

Are you the "Office Mom"?

Boys Clubs at work are making you a poorer leader

Brave men and hysterical women

Paternity leave will unsex your life

The Mother with 3500 Children

Hail Mother Dairy

RIP, my sense of humour

Should we lock up all the women?

TransWomaning in India 🌈

Let me mansplain it to you

Whither Good News?

Lessons from the Tarun Tejpal judgment

When pain becomes a metric to rank motherhood

Menstruation jokes are not funny. Period.

How we are thanking women Covid volunteers

Some awe-inspiring Covid Warriors

Some greatest hits and donation links

On Covid and crying in bathrooms.

Dressing our daughters in disadvantage

Why women avoid managing their own money

The Raja Beta Syndrome

Men, Women, and the Mental Load of running a house together

Women face selective deafness in meetings

Wanted: Mentors for Women

What Women of Womaning Want

What is obstetric violence? (Aka my birth story)

Parampara. Pratishtha. Abortion.

A sneak preview of what being a working mother in a pandemic is like

The basic right to grieve a loved one is not given equally to men and women

The All-Powerful Female Imposter Syndrome

Fabulous Lives of Indian Housewives

India's first female Maritime Pilot shares her Womaning story

Can women even do jobs? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Let's talk about Office Toilets 💩