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You will run out of middle and not so middle class achievements to unlock Mahima. There is so much here that I didnt know pehle. Yes I will ignore all the book reccos because you know…

But credit where it’s dur, thank God the set of questions were not cringe inducing

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Hello-ji, Congratulations once again ... may every week be an achievement. Loved your answers. Especially the new rabbit holes you pointed out. Never thought R. Witherspoon had started a reading club. I loved the vigil idiot, and am glad he's started subscription... more power ..

I thought you'd mention Amit Varma too... as i am a huge fan and was the place i discovered your blog in the first place.

I was hoping this time around, you would write about Holi. I have never understood the festival of holi. Is there a write-up that you may point me to, to understand why women enjoy Holi? I have always found it quite the free play for toxic masculinity.

cheerio !

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Many congratulations on your well-deserved recognition. Loved the book recommendations.

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