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Would love an article from you about abortion as a choice should be available to women...

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There are uncle uncles too. Why you left them? Aunty lady doesn't begin to address the vile comments uncle uncles make.

- What? she doesn't want it and you agreed kya? Be a man, make her want to have kids.

- Oh this bohemian life will end soon, how will you survive old age?

- She will feel like a lady when she delivers a baby, talk to her about it again.

All real comments. So much Lappad worthy.

Khatam? That is what I felt about the post. Free flowing and hard hitting or in other words, #Womaning. Loved it!

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A few years ago, when I was still considered to be a legitimate candidate for marriage, I was told by a distant relative that it was my duty to be married because, after all, what else is the purpose of women on this planet if not to bear children.

Today, I am 39, single, independent, and I've never wanted kids. Life isn't perfect but it is all mine and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Great post :)

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Brilliant as usual Mahima. Every adult thinking of starting a family needs to read the last three paragraphs twice.

Very relatable - I get a lot of this on a regular basis from well meaning individuals, as I have a single child. It never stops, does it!

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Good to hear this perspective! Is there any article where you shared perspective on single child?!

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