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Your podcast with Amit Varma was one of the most honest and engaging conversations in a podcast series which stands out for deep dive- authentic and insightful fare.

I recently had a difficult conversation with my twenty year old daughter when she called out a family friend for misogynistic behaviour, expecting his wife who was engaged in other chores to make tea for men friends who were lounging in the sofa discussing cricket.

Every generation tries to right gender wrongs/ typecasting but it's a very slow and uneven process. The next generation of women will take this further for sure and I hope the raja betas in the making are gearing up for it.

More power to you Mahima! You are doing a wonderful job .

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Enjoyed reading your posts and listening to you on Seen and the Unseen. You are doing a great job ! Quoting real women and real issues they face day 2 day. When I got married, I was already living alone and taking care of myself (cooking, bills , household cleaning etc etc) upto my own minimum benchmark. I am super interested in cooking ever since childhood. I used to spend hours with my mom watching cookery shows. Post marriage I used to insist that we cook daily. We decided to share or assign different days depending on work. Eventually there came a phase where her office work piled up I would cook most items myself. Not that I minded it but it became too much of a burden/societal guilt on my wife when I cooked more days than her that we ended up hiring a cook.

Lockdown rekindled that phase of life once again. During lockdown her mom used to live nearby and came home often to help us as my wife had back problems and wasnt able to bend much. But she would often in the guise of 'helping' start taking up washing all or most of vessels inspite of me insisting her to leave them as is - she will be like you guys are busy, she is already having back problems, i am only helping little bit etc etc. Again self/societal guilt prevented my wife from actually asking her mom to back off. I think change is happening but its slow. As a society we should start accepting that house work is just that which is normal and can be done and shared by everyone living under the same roof whether man/boy/girl or woman. Society has conditioned women so much from young age that they feel guilty if someone does regular house work or helping out and that people are literally arguing and fighting to do dishes!

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Woman. Youuuu areeee courageousss. I fear for any woman who vents put and speaks the truth, there could be real violence and expulsion from the family. I see such incidents all around me all the time.

Love that i have a place to validate the feelings and thoughts. I felt i am alone in feeling that unfair things are happening to women.

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Finally finished the TSATU episode with you and enjoyed every minute of it. I love the way you talk, and did not want the episode to end! Also cool to put a voice to the Womaning newsletter. Looking forward to more content and memes from the Meme Queen 🙌🏽

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I have a charming anecdote where for once the #historicidli memory was directed towards me, a woman.

This elderly uncle was a relative and his wife was abroad helping his son with a newborn. I stayed near his home. Elderly Uncle was home, mostly by himself. He conveyed to me one day that he had a craving for pizza but his delicate stomach would not permit him to order one. I surprised him that weekend with homemade pizza made in a way that would satisfy his craving and yet was light on his stomach.

He was appreciative for years afterwards. Funnily, it would embarrass me when he brought up the #historicpizza because women just aren’t used to being appreciated for domestic stuff. Even if it is a thoughtful act. That’s just how we’re socialized in India.

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Laughing so hard at the historic idlis - i am never going to look at an MTR ready to cook pack with a straight face anymore. Loved your high-energy chat with Amit that made 5 hours of walking feel like a cake walk (not all 5 hours on one day :D)

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You write so well! But you know that already 😊 I love your introductory personal anecdotes the most (although I wish you didn't have to go through such episodes)... so visual, relatable, and with the right amount of humour 🙌🏽 And about the topic, ah well! Thanks for getting across the message so beautifully, as always.

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