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As a neonatologist who has never experienced pregnancy and motherhood, I am amazed everyday at the demands we make on new mothers. My advise to all of them is that give yourself time to recover - you and your body have been through a huge experience - surgical or not. We are all humans and as you quoted - unhappy mothers cannot raise happy children. The discourse around breastfeeding is sadly unidimensional - that breastfeeding is the only option - possibly propagated by male doctors who have never themselves experienced labour and what its aftermath is. Yes breastmilk is good. But never at the cost of your sleep and health. We live in the 21st century - there are alternatives available. As doctors we need to educate parents about them better.

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Where were you when I was pregnant? 😂

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Hello -ji

As usual, a brilliant all encompassing mail composing of critical aspects of relationships that most will identify with.

Glad that men can play our part in making sure women make their best selfish decisions and keep thrilling themselves, for the most spectacular show of energy, is when it's unbridled!

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Hi Mahima. Loved the post. I'm a big fan of your newsletter and your TSATU episode with Amit Varma. I wrote a short story on a similar topic of being 'selfish'. It got published yesterday and will be available for free reading till end of this week. I would love to hear your comments on it :)


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