Mar 19, 2021Liked by Mahima Vashisht

It is so infuriating to hear your ideas being repeated by male colleagues during meetings! In fact once I actually gave up, started laughing and walked out of the room after my male colleague got credit for what I had literally been saying for weeks. Also lets cancel the word man-hours (yeah, I saw what you did there :)) and make it human-hours?! Great article and takeaway.

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Mar 20, 2021Liked by Mahima Vashisht

This is so true! Lucky for me I happen to be a loud person! So I usually get counted as the Kali Mata avatar all the time :)

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Apr 4, 2021Liked by Mahima Vashisht

This happens at home too..my brother gets all the credit for all the sane decisions I take for my parents..I have stopped being bothered about it now . My patriachial family will only see what they wish to see

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