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I am so biased that is it even anything if I leave a comment here Mahima?

We have had more than our fair share of Doctors and some of the things mentioned by you here ring too close. When docs are taught that human body is complex and not everyone reacts the same way, they still don’t seem to understand. I guess a deeper sensitive training is the need of the hour for all professions (doctors, lawyers to name two). Their simple day in office means a whole lot more to the parties whom they meet.

That all said, I know a family (too closely), who lost their 2 year old daughter due to a neurological disorder and the doctor who operated on the daughter stayed with them throughout (eventually becoming family like) their lives and showed incredible sensitivity throughout the thick and thins the family underwent, medically.

Am not saying everyone has to become a family but just softening up and simple awareness about the importance of their work, will help everyone.

Lastly from your post (quote) that he felt comfortable in my dumbness and muteness (unquote) - There are male bosses who like the female staff to be like this…I could just go on and on Mahima and the reason is - Womaning! Thank you for pushing the conversation forward, one lovely post at a time.

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