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This is sooo true..the sutta meetings and booze party discussions are prevalent everywhere and we women do miss out on opportunities if wr choose not to participate in this shit.

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i think boy's club exist everywhere and it kind of affects teetotalers as well, be it office boys club or even apartment management committees. If you are nt part of their gang u miss out on much. i myself have never been comfortable from young age to use slurr words as part of normal conversation and being a teetotaler didnt want to nanny a group of drunks. generally the slurr groups also speak down of women and tend to objectify them. If you are not comfortable in the lingo one tends to ignore such groups as u can preach one or two but not really a big gang unless you want to become part of their redicule. higher education and well paying jobs does not naturally make these boys mature as well. they might have mellowed down but at heart they remain the slurr spewing teenager with little regard for others. And their comradery is built on such get-togethers.

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caught up with this rather late, Mahima. excellent piece of writing. makes my blood boil and am embarrassed too- at the same time. i guess that's a sign that the piece hit all the right notes. keep them coming.

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If anything, Covid is enforcing equality by cutting down on boys club opportunities 🙈.

Good work Mahi!!

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Ok, seriously family friendly environment? I'm not saying family friendly environment is bad buthighar pe bhi family friendly aur dosto ke sath bhi? Most of men call me gaandu and that's how we address each other. Also men like to do manly things with other guys and after office time is the only time we get otherwise rest of our time is spent with our families.

If these meetings also turn family friendly then for women it's win win as they get both environment in home and after office whereas us men will be starved for some bonding.

What's wrong with going for bowling and pool with colleagues? Again, going with family is different but friends are also important in life.

What if we discuss a web series and there's a sex scene in it? In front of all guys we can say there's a sex scene but in front of women we can't say anything, nor we will be able to discuss our interests because women will feel left out.

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